1) Who Wrote An Inspector Calls? a) J B Priestley b) Shakespeare c) John Steinbeck d) Julia Priestley 2) How many copies of the first Harry Potter Novel have been sold?  a) 50 million b) 100 million c) 120 million d) 150 million 3) What famous novel is this image from? a) Harry Potter b) Hungry Games c) The Book Thief d) Hunger Games 4) What famous novel is this quote from: “We swears, to serve the master of the Precious. We will swear on… on the Precious!”? a) Romeo and Juliet b) Twilight c) Macbeth d) Lord of the Rings 5) Who is the lead character in the 'Divergent' series? a) Trish b) Tris c) Tony d) Treloy 6) What novel is this opening line from: "Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood."? a) Covenant by Jennifer Armentrout b) The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller c) Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan d) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling 7) The novel City of Glass By Cassandra Clare is part of which fantasy series? a) The Twilight Series b) The Mortal Instrument Series c) The Harry Potter Series d) The Divergent Series 8) John Green's best-selling novel The Fault in Our Stars was made into a movie with these two lead actors, can you name them? a) Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort b) Cara Delevigne and Ansel Elgort c) Shailene Woodley and Theo James d) Lily Collins and Edward Pattinson 9) The Twilight series was written by which author? a) Veronica Roth b) Cassandra Clare c) Stephanie Meyer d) Allie Condie 10) In the Golden Compass, each character has a companion, what are these companions called? a) Gobblers b) Daemons c) Souls d) Spirit Guides 11) The name of the lead character in The Maze Runner? a) Theodore b) Christopher c) Michael d) Thomas 12) In The Hunger Games, which Tribute's death sparks a riot in District 11? a) Foxface b) Rue c) Clove d) Glimmer 13) Who is the father of the lead character of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians novels? a) Hades b) Zeus c) Poseiden d) Jesus 14) In the Twilight series what is Edwards power a) Wolf b) Good looks c) Vampire d) Being very cold 15) Who founded the house of Gryffindor? a) Gollum Gryffindor b) Godric Gryffindor c) Gregory Gryffindor d) Gordon Gryffindor




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