experiencing gratitude - grateful, missing their home - homesick, extremely surprised - astonished, disoriented - dazed, unaffected by something - unfazed, want something very much - have a yearning, perfect happiness - bliss, feel intense dislike  - feel aversion, intense hatred - loathing, lack of respect for something - scorn, very worried or frightened because something bad is about to happen - alarmed, absolutely shocked and upset, heartbroken - devastated, extremely unhappy - miserable, extremely worried and upset - distraught, a little sad - down, exhausted - feel done in, sick - a bit under the weather, terrified - scared stiff, insane with fear - scared out of his wits, get too excited - get carried away, extremely disappointed - gutted, get VERY angry VERY fast - lose your temper, shocked and surprised, unable to move - stunned, unpleasantly shocked; horrified, disgusted - appalled, easily hurt, available for damage - vulnerable, uncomfortable (maybe nervous or worried) - uneasy, stop yourself from showing emotions - bottle up your emotions, be an open book, make your feelings obvious to others - wear your heart on your sleeve, extremely happy - elated, intense disgust - abhorrence,




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