transparent - "Transparent blue water", opaque - "Bottles filled with a pale opaque liquid", Judaism - "Jews study Judaism.", Islam - "Muslims study Islam", atmosphere - "Part of the sun's energy is absorbed by the earth's atmosphere", intestine - "The contents of the intestine", specimen - ""The plant was a good specimen to do a science test on.", nucleus - "The central and most important part of an object.", joules - "The unit of work for energy.", audible - "Dogs have great audible hearing.", sequins - "Satin dresses trimmed with pearls and sequins", acrylic - "A red acrylic jumper", applique - "The coat is appliquéd with exotic-looking cloth, conscious - "Although I was in pain, I was conscious", daughter - "We are the sons and daughters of Adam", definite - ""We had no definite plans", furthermore - "Furthermore, he scored the only try of the game!", fierce - "Fierce storms lashed the country", consequence - "Abrupt withdrawal of drug treatment can have serious consequences", surley - "If he did not heed the warning, he would surely die",



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