1) Which Persuasive language device appeals directly to the reader and involves them in your topic. a) statistic b) personal pronouns c) Alliteration d) fact e) Opinion f) repetition. 2) Which is the odd one out? a) Alliteration b) Fact c) Opinion d) Rhetorical question e) simile f) Triple 3) A collective pronoun is: a) he b) she c) you d) your e) his f) we 4) Hyperbole means a) A super bowling alley b) A dramatic sentence c) Two words that mean the same d) Exaggeration for effect e) Sarcasm for effect f) A type of verb. 5) An adverb is: a) A word that describes a doing word b) A doing word c) A describing word d) a correctly spelled word e) An object f) A way of addressing someone 6) Pick the odd word out - Bonus for explaining why. a) sullen b) tranquil c) proud d) beautiful e) cautiously f) complex 7) What does PEE mean a) Point explain evidence b) Perfect eager excited c) Point Evidence explanation d) Pick every example. e) Point exaggerate explanation f) Point each explanation 8) What does infer mean? a) What you work out by reading between the lines. b) Something you are told exactly c) A prediction d) Something the writer does. e) Reading everything f) A quote




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