Shows a fear of Scrooges.: Scrooge makes Bob Cratchit, work in the cold, He refuses an invitation to his nephew Fred's Christmas party., At home he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Marley, The Ghost of Christmas Past wakes Scrooge and shows him moments from his childhood, his apprenticeship and his failed engagement, The Ghost of Christmas Present takes him to the Cratchit's home, where he is saddened by the ill, but kind, Tiny Tim. He is also shown how Fred celebrates Christmas with friends., The final ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come who terrifies Scrooge with visions of his death, Does not show a fear of Scrooges.: He is introduced to Ignorance and Want, Scrooge is in his counting house, People steal from Scrooge when he is dead, Scrooge buys the Cratchits a huge Turkey, "Bah Humbug", Scrooge points out there are prisons and workhouses. , Scrooge sees Ali Baba and the Genii,




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