Keep the receipt for the top. - You might want to change it., There are some good films on, - we might go to the cinema., I need to improve English, - I might do a summer course in the UK., I'm not sure which one to buy. - I might get the blue one or the red one., They've never been to my house before. - They might not know the way., She's not answering her phone. - She might be driving., His company isn't doing very well. - He might lose his job., I wouldn't lend her the money if I were you. - She might not pay you back., Take an umbrella with you. - I heard that it might rain later., It's quite early. - The children might not be in bed yet., Sarah told me she was very tired. - She might not be at the party tonight., I have a cough and a cold. - I think I might have flu.,



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