The Beatles - 1960's Rock Band, Big Ben - London's Time Piece, James Bond - Fictional Secret Service Agent, BBC - Public Service Broadcaster, Satire of Everyday life - British Sense of Humour, Buckingham Palace - UK Monarch HQ, Cricket - Children's Medieval Sport of "smash and run", Cup of Tea - National Drink, Fish 'n' Chips - National Take-Away dish, Association Football - Modern Home of the World's most popular sport, Full English Breakfast - Fuel to keep you going all day!, Black Cab - London Taxi aka Hackney Carriage (horse drawn), Sherlock Holmes - Fictional Private Detective, Houses of Parliament - The Palace of Westminster - House of Commons and House of Lords, Kilt - Scottish medieval traditional male dress, The Mini - 1960's Brit Pop car, Pound Sterling - UK Currency, The Pub - Venue to meet, socialize, drink and eat, Punch and Judy - Traditional Puppet Show, Elizabeth II - Queen of UK, Red Arrows - Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, Red Pillar Box - Royal Mail Free-standing post box, Red Telephone Box - Public Telephone Kiosk, Blue Police Box - Miniature Police Station & Doctor Who, AEC Routemaster - London's Double-decker Bus, William Shakespeare - The greatest English writer, Stonehenge - Prehistoric Monument, Sunday Roast - Traditional Main Meal, Tower of London - Castle and home to the Crown Jewels of England, Union Flag - National Flag of UK,

Geography : Cultural Icons of the United Kingdom

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