1) What does densely populated mean? a) An area with few people b) An area with lots of people 2) Which of these is an example of a densely populated part of India? a) The Himalaya mountains in the north b) The Thar Desert c) The north east area around the River Ganges 3) Which of these is a reason why the Ganges area is densely populated? a) It is hot and dry b) The land is flat and fertile c) The river is holy 4) What is India's current population size? a) 1 billion b) 1 million c) 1. 2 million d) 1.2 billion 5) Which country has the highest population? a) India b) China c) USA 6) Which Indian city has the highest population in India? a) Mumbai b) New Delhi c) Kolkata d) Chennai 7) What is the key geographical term to describe the reasons people move away from a place? a) Push Factors b) Pull Factors c) Migration 8) Which of the following is a push factor? a) Good jobs in the city b) Lack of schools in the rural areas c) Higher wages in the city d) Better housing in the city 9) The majority of migrants moving to the cities in LEDCs are a) Women b) Men c) Elderly d) Children 10) The movement of people from the countryside to the city is called a) Urbanisation b) Immigration c) Gentrification

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