Curriculum - A broad description of general goals which involves philosophical, social and administrative factors of an educational program., Syllabus - A statement of teaching and learning elements which translate the curriculum into lessons., Approach  - Sets of beliefs relating to the nature of language and the language learning., Method (Methodology) - An overall plan which combines both syllabus and classroom practices., Coursebook - a book used by students when they do a particular course of study., Instructional Materials - A collection of resources that teachers use to deliver instruction to help achieve students learning objectives., Classroom Procedures - The way teachers interpret coursebook materials depends on training, experience and personal values in planning and execution of lessons., Timetable - Teachers plan in advance a sequence of lessons., Lesson - The smallest unit of planning, and the smallest unit of teaching., Topic (theme) - It is what the lesson is about., Fit - A suitable lesson for a particular class., English Learning Skills  - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, Hidden Curriculum - Curriculum is not explicit, but implicit., Educational Beliefs - Viewpoints about the nature of language, and educations., Audiolingual Approach - It is based on behaviorist theory, and a combination of beliefs about target language culture. , Communicative Approach - Communicative is the primary function of language, and that language is structured to fulfill a communicative function., Means-ends Model of Teaching - Teachers plan establishing first the objectives of lessons  , Macro-strategies - General principles which teachers can generate their one situation-specific classroom practices or teaching techniques., Factors of planing a timetable - Variety, cohesion and coverage, Decision-making - It is the process of making and implementing decisions, before, during, and after instruction, to increase the probability of learning.,



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