1) Ann thinks of ... rock climbing today. a) to go b) go c) going 2) I don't mind ... in an office. a) to work b) working c) to working d) work 3) He's looking forward ... his new job. a) starting b) start c) to start d) to starting 4) I'd love ... a course on interior design one day. a) doing b) do c) to do 5) She loves ... with kids. a) working b) work c) to work 6) He enjoys ... smartly. a) dress b) dressing c) to dress 7) Do you mind ... a summer job? a) getting b) get c) to get 8) He hates ... job interviews. a) have b) having c) to have 9) ... summer job isn't always easy. a) Finding b) Find c) To find 10) It was mean of him ... such things. a) say b) to say c) saying




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