1) Describe the picture a) a moustache b) a face c) blue eyes 2) a person who can make other people laugh a) fun b) funny c) laughing 3) another way of saying thin a) slim b) thinner c) overweight 4) Describe the picture a) a bold man b) a short man c) a tall man 5) an adjective to describe someone who doesn't like spending money a) generous b) expensive c) mean 6) not tall, not short a) slim b) medium c) medium-height 7) another word for blonde a) fair b) light hair c) light 8) describe the picture  a) bear b) beard c) beer 9) a synonym of intelligent a) lazy b) smart c) clever 10) the opposite of lazy a) worker b) hard-working c) smart 11) heavier than is healthy a) overweight b) fat c) low carb 12) describe the picture a) curly hair b) wavy hair  c) straight hair 13) the opposite of light brown hair a) strong brown hair b) dark brown hair c) low brown hair 14) somebody who doesn't talk a lot a) quite b) talkative c) quiet 15) a person who's friendly and kind a) generous b) nice c) cool



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