Point to the floor. Stand-up and spin around 1 time. Bark like a dog., Touch your knee with your elbow. Add 1 +3 in your head and say the answer aloud., Jump up and down 3 times. Pretend your superman and fly around the room 1 time., Tell us your birthday.  Jump 2 times on one foot.  Smile, Hop like a frog.  Make a mad face.  Wave to the class., Clap your hands 4 times.  Rub your stomach.  Cover your eyes., Pretend to swim like Aquaman.  Bark like a dog.  Tell us what year it is., Pretend to sneeze. Count from 10 backwards.  Say "I love School"., Spin around 2 times.  Pretend you are on a roller coaster. Make a mad face, Jog in place. Sing the first line of the song Happy Birthday. Meow like a cat., Say "Today is a great day!"  Wave to the Class.  Touch your knees., Do 3 jumping jacks. Give a virtual high-5 to your teacher.  Give 2 thumbs up while closing your eyes..  , Say "Can I have extra homework?" to the teacher while smiling., Wave your hands in the air.  Pretend to cry.  Hold up 5 fingers. , Pretend to stalk like a lion. Tell the class your favorite school subject. Pretend to laugh., Say "Today is a great day to learn something new at school." Smile., Pretend to play a musical instrument.  Shake your head. Spin around 2 times. , Give us your best dance move. Say "I am ready to learn now"..



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