plural - more than one of something, suffixes - added to the end of a base or root word to slightly change the meaning of the word, plot (noun) - an outline of the important events in a story, plot (verb) - to plan something secretly, infer - to use clues and what you know to make predictions, edit - to check your work carefully looking for mistakes that need to be fixed, revise - the stage of the writing process where you look for things that need to be improved, conflict - a problem, adjective - a word used to describe a noun, noun - a person place or thing, pronoun - a word that takes the place of a noun, draft - getting ideas down on paper , singular - one of something, prefixes - a word part with its own meaning that comes at the beginning of a root or base word , prewrite - to plan what to say, publish - the action taken when writing is ready for everyone to see, sequential - to put things in order, fiction - somthing that is made up or not completely true, nonfiction - somthing that is true or gives facts, purpose - the goal or end result, verb - describes an action, adverb - describes a verb, adjective or other adverb, compare - to look for similarities between things, contrast - to look for differences between things, root word (base word) - a word with no prefix or suffix, resolution - the solution to a conflict or problem, conclusion - the end of a story or a decsion made by looking at information, genre - a catagory or group of items with similarities, summary - a short retelling that includes only the most important events of a story, retelling - to tell a complete story again or in a slightly different way,

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