Your family member tells you that someone close to you has died., You turn on the TV and find out a war has broken out., You experience a natural disaster (flood, large earthquake, fire)., You break your leg in P.E. class., You are playing tag on the playground with friends., You just woke up in the morning., You are playing a competitive game., You found out that you won the lottery., You are listening to a teacher give instructions., You can't find your assignment you worked hard on., You are at home with nothing to do., You are participating in the class discussion., You are working with a partner on a class project., You are playing and hanging out with a friend at the friend's house., You didn't do well on a test., You have been waiting for more than 30 minutes at the doctor's office., You got the flu., Your pet is missing., You are sitting with your family at the dinner table., You were told that plans need to change., You are asked to stop or put away something that you enjoy doing., You just ran a mile as fast as you could..



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