1) My mum is _____ because I am late. a) happy b) angry c) excited 2) I'm ____ of that dog - it's so big! a) scared b) tired c) excited 3) I can't find my money. I'm ____ . a) worried b) bored c) happy 4) Alice can't come to my party. I'm ____ . a) tired b) sad c) good 5) We do the same thing every day. I'm ____ . a) bored b) sad c) excited 6) Is there any paper in the ____ ? a) printer b) speakers c) screen 7) Turn on the ____ so I can see you. a) headphones b) speakers c) camera 8) I ____ Computer Studies. I always get 20/20 in the test. a) worry about b) am bad at c) am good at 9) I like your ____ . The screen is very clear. a) tablet b) mouse c) speakers 10) I'm not ____ at fixing things, but my brother is fantastic. a) interested b) scared c) good 11) Are you ____ in technology? a) bored b) interested c) bad 12) The children are ____ about their mum. She looks sad. a) worried b) scared c) interested




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