1) ... a) She's got green eyes. b) She's got brown eyes. c) She's got blue eyes. d) She's got blue ayes. 2) ... a) She's got grey eyes. b) She's got gray eyes. c) She's got greek eyes. d) She's got green eyes. 3) This is George Clooney. He's an actor. a) He's got a beard. b) He's got beard. c) He's bald. d) He's got bald. 4) This is Samuel L Jackson. He's an actor. a) He wearing hat. b) He's wearing hat. c) He's wearing a hat. d) He's wearing a hut. 5) This is Victoria Beckham. She's a fashion designer. a) She got short dark hair. b) She got short dark hairs. c) She got a short dark hair. d) She's got short dark hair. 6) This is Paris Hilton. She's a businesswoman. a) She's wearing a purple dress. b) She's wearing a yellow dress. c) She's wearing yellow t-shirt. d) She's wearing a yellow jumper. 7) This is Whitney Houston. She was a singer. a) She has got curvy hair. b) She has got short hair. c) She has got straight hair. d) She has got curly hair. 8) This is Tony Blair. He was Prime Minister. a) He's wearing casual clothes. b) He's wearing smart cloth. c) He's wearing smart clothes. d) He's wearing short clothes. 9) This is Gordon Ramsay. He's a chef. a) He's wearing a clock. b) He's wearing a switch. c) He's wearing a witch. d) He's wearing a watch. 10) This is Puff Daddy. He's a rapper. a) He's got a moustache b) He's got long dark hair. c) He's bald. d) He's got a beard. 11) This is Amy Winehouse. She was a singer. a) She's wearing upmake and jewellery. b) She's wearing make up and jewellery. c) She's wearing make and jewel. d) She's wearing glasses and jewellery. 12) This is Crystal Tips. She's a cartoon character. a) She's got purple curly hair. b) She's got curple purly hair. c) She's got purcle curly hair. d) She's got circle purly hair. 13) This is Ada Lovelace. She was the first computer programmer. a) She's wearing cloves. b) She's wearing gloves. c) She's wearing socks. d) She's wearing clocks. 14) This is Malala Yousafzai and her dad. She's a campaigner. a) She's wearing pink shoes. b) She's wearing pink scarf. c) She's wearing a pink scarf. d) She's wearing pink scarfs. 15) This is Devi Sridhar. She's a public health researcher. a) She look kind and friendly. b) She looks kind and friendly. c) She look kind and frindly. d) She looks a kind and friendly. 16) This is Nish Kumar. He's a comedian and TV presenter. a) He looks happy. He's smiling. b) He look happy. He's smilling. c) He look funny. He's smelling. d) He looks happy. He's smelling. 17) This is Romesh Ranganathan. He's a comedian. a) He looks sirius. b) He looks serieux. c) He looks serio. d) He looks serious. 18) This is Sharon White. She is the Chair of the John Lewis Partnership. a) She lacks confident. b) She looks confident. c) She looks shy. d) She look confident. 19) This is Moira Stuart. She is a radio presenter. a) She looks jolly. b) She look jolly. c) She look jelly. d) She looks jelly. 20) This is Serena Willaims. She plays tennis. a) She looks fat and string. b) She looks flit and strong. c) She looks fat and strong. d) She looks fit and strong.



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