1) The boy got _________ the school bus. He looked left and right, and then he walked _________ the road a) off; across b) of; across c) out; cross 2) Get _________ the house and get _________ the car! It’s time to go to school. a) out of; in b) out of; into c) off; in to 3) Walk _________ the road for 100 m, go _________ the cinema, and then turn left. a) along; past b) out ; past c) by; through 4) My dog ran _________me! He jumped _________ the garden wall. a) from; off b) away; out c) away from; over 5) The computer fell _________ the table. a) over b) off c) across 6) It was so hot that we jumped _________ the lake with our clothes on! a) into b) on c) at 7) I’m not going to walk _________ the stairs to the 10th floor! a) up b) out c) into 8) Joey walked _________ the room without saying goodbye to anyone. a) out b) out off c) out of 9) The cat climbed _________ the tree, but it couldn’t climb _________ again. a) on; in b) up; down c) out; off 10) The little boy fell _________ the tree and broke his leg. a) out b) out off c) out of 11) She walked _______ the door and rang the door bell. a) up to b) down to c) into 12) It took 20 minutes to walk _____ her house______ the cinema. a) from; under b) from; to c) up; to 13) Oh no! That policeman is walking ________ us. a) towards b) around c) behind 14) The athletes ran _____ the track three times. a) acroos b) around c) through 15) We drove ________ for ages looking for her house. a) round b) past c) through 16) We gave him a lift _________ the airport _________ the hotel. a) to ; towards b) through; from c) from; to 17) The kids walked __________ the back of the house a) around b) onto c) on 18) Don’t walk ________ to me when I’m talking to you! a) away b) away up c) away from 19) Don’t walk ______ the street so slowly. a) through b) across c) to 20) I looked ___________ the room and finally saw him standing there. a) along b) around c) at



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