1) How are you? a) My name´s Mickey. b) M-i-c-k-e-y c) I´m fine, thanks. And you? 2) What´s your name? a) My name´s Pluto. b) P-l-u-t-o c) I´m fine, thanks. 3) What´s your phone number? a) It´s M-i-c-k-e-y b) I´m ok. c) It-s 2637-0111 4) How do you spell your last name? a) It´s S-i-l-v-a. b) My last name is Smith. c) Thanks 5) This is my friend Charles. a) *&#@$! b) Nice to meet you Charles. c) Goodbye! 6) Nice to meet you ! a) Whatever... b) You´re welcome. c) Glad to meet you, too. 7) Thank you. a) Don´t mention it. b) My pleasure. c) You´re welcome. 8) See you tomorrow! a) Pardon? b) See you, bye. c) Thanks. 9) Hi, I´m Joseph Hamilton. I´m a new student. a) Welcome Joseph. Nice to meet you. b) Your room is not here. c) I´m a secretary. 10) Well, it´s time to go now. Bye! a) Good morning. b) Good evening. c) Good night.

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