1) The train _________. We can go out now. (stop) 2) She isn’t ready. She __________ her cases yet. (pack) 3) She ___________ some photos. (take) 4) Sally ___________ yet. Where can she be? (arrive) 5) I ______never ____________ to your mother. (speak) 6) I ____________ which shoes to buy yet. (decide) 7) My father ___________ to Rome. (drive) 8) My mum isn’t at home now. She ___________ (go) to the supermarket. 9) So far this month I ______________ (see) three films. 10) I’m hungry. I _____________ (have) my lunch yet. 11) I _________________ (see) Helen yet today. Is she at school? 12) Our football team ________________ (win) all its matches so far this year. 13) I don’t know your boyfriend. I ____________ (meet) him yet. 14) Bill and Tim _________________ the kitchen. It's great! (clean) 15) The bus __________________ at the bus station. It's late. (arrive) 16) They ________________ their car key. They can't find it. (lose) 17) Claire ________________ all the questions. She is so happy! (answer) 18) Diana ________________ her arm. She's sad. (broke) 19) John ________________ a new jacket. He doesn't have enough money. (buy) 20) Karen _____________________ her violin practice. She's at home now. (finish)

2A Complete the sentences using Present Perfect Simple



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