an armchair - It's usually in a living room. It's for one person to sit on., a lamp - It's on a table or wall. You turn it on when it's dark., pictures or paintings - You put these on the walls to decorate the rooms., a mirror - You can see yourself in it., a bedroom - It's a room where you sleep., a carpet - This is on the floor. It decorates the room., a cooker - It's in the kitchen. You cook on it. It can be gas or electric., an air conditioning - In summer, you turn it on whe it's hot., stairs - You use these to go from the ground floor to the first floor in a house., a cupboard - In the kitchen, you put the glasses and plates in this., a fridge - You put milk, eggs, and vegetables in it. It keeps food cool and fresh., a bathroom - It's a room where you wash., a ceiling - A room has 4 walls, a floor and ......, a washing machine - You clean your dirty clothes in this., a wardrobe - You put your clean clothes in this., shelves - They're on the wall. You can put things on them, for example books., a garden - It's usually outside. It has flowers and plants., a garage - You put your car in here., a bath - In the bathroom you fill this with water., central heating - You turn it on in winter to keep the house warm.,

8B Naming things in the house from definitions

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