1) What time do you usually wake up? 2) Do you have the habit of pushing the snooze option? 3) Do you usually stay in bed for a couple of minutes or do you just get/roll out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off? 4) Do you like the place you live in? 5) Do you want to change anything about your living situation? 6) Do you live in a house or in an apartment? 7) Do you live with anybody or by yourself? 8) Who do you live with? 9) Do you depend on anybody to live or do you provide for yourself? 10) Do you come from a big or a small family? 11) Do you have any siblings (brothers or sisters)? 12) Do you get along with your family? 13) Do you study/work? What do you do? 14) Where do you study/work? 15) Do you like your colleagues? How do you like them? Do you get along with them? 16) Do you like the place you work/study? 17) How do you go to work/school? I go by... 18) Do you do or help with the housework? 19) Do you know how to cook? Do you like it? What can you cook? 20) How many times a day do you drink water? 21) How often do you see/talk to your friends? 22) Do you like listening to music? What kind of music do you listen to? 23) Do you like to watch movies or TV shows? What genres do you like? 24) Do you like to read anything? What do you usually read? 25) Do you have any pets? Which pets do you have? 26) How do you spend your free/spare time? 27) What do you do on weekends? 28) What do you do to have fun in your city? 29) How often do you travel? Do you want to travel more often? 30) When you travel, do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat? 31) What things do you imagine doing if you get rich?



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