1) Brenda _____ very busy, she __________ have much free time a) is, isn't b) is, doesn't c) do, does d) are, do 2) Today ___________ a holiday and she ________ happy. It ____________ Wednesday.... a) is, is, isn't b) are, does, do c) is, is, is d) are, are, does 3) ... and it ________ raining. She __________go to the mall on weekdays, but... a) do, does b) does not, is not c) isn't, doesn't, d) aren't, are 4) ... but today she __________ going there with her friends. a) are b) isn't c) does d) is 5) She ____________ going by bus... a) do b) isn't c) is d) does 6) ... her sister ___________ taking her there. a) does b) isn't c) is d) take 7) Brenda's sister____________ like love stories, so she ___________ watching the movie. a) does, is b) isn't, isn't c) yes, isn't d) doesn't, isn't 8) But later, she _____________ going to eat with Brenda and her friends. a) isn't b) are c) is d) does 9) ___________ Brenda like hamburger? a) Does b) Do c) Is d) Are 10) Yes, she _______________. a) is b) are c) does d) do 11) She thinks it _______________________ good to have a holiday in the middle of the week. a) do b) are c) is d) maybe

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