Her phone got wet. - Mia came out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes. She ran down to the cafeteria and asked the staff if they had any rice. Mia pulled her phone out of her bag into the dry rice in the cup. , He is afraid to get his ball. -  , He liked his gift. - After opening his gift, Emilio , She was hungry. - Jane's stomach growled. She had not eaten since this morning. She hoped it was almost lunchtime., No one was home. - Pam walked up to her friend's house. It was dark and there was no car in the driveway., He was going swimming. - John woke up early on a hot, sunny day. He grabbed his towel and sunscreen and left the house., He was nervous. - Owen straightened his skis at the top of the huge hill. He took a deep breath as he looked down., She didn't study. - Melissa nervously looked at the test on her desk. She didn't know how to answer the questions.,




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