Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding on a ____. Crowds of people came out of the city to greet him, throwing down palm ____ on the road. They were excited because they ____ that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus ate the Passover meal with his ____, breaking bread and drinking wine, which is now known as the Last Supper. During this ____ he told the disciples that one of them would ____ him. Later that night, Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. After his ____, Jesus was brought before the Jewish high priests. They found him ____ of blasphemy because he called himself the Son of God. They handed him over to the Roman ____, Pontius Pilate. During the Feast of Passover, it was the custom to release one ____ who was condemned to die. Pontius Pilate gave the crowds the choice to ____ Jesus or Barabbas, a notorious criminal. Ironically, the same crowd who had welcomed Jesus with palm branches a few days ____ now chose Barabbas to be released. Pilate condemned Jesus to ____ by crucifixion Jesus was interrogated, flogged, mocked by the Roman ____, and was then made to carry the ____ to Golgotha, the place of his death. Finally, he was stripped naked and ____ to the cross, where he hung in agony for three hours, jeered at by the crowds, ____ he died. Mary Magdalene went to the ____, followed later by some of Jesus' disciples. They discovered Jesus' body had gone and that the tomb was ____. Jesus then appeared to Mary and many of his disciples, speaking with them on separate ____ during the following forty days. As he left them for the last time, Jesus promised to send the ____ Spirit so the disciples would know God would never leave them. He then ascended into ____.



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