1) Katy ... to school today. a) isnt' walking b) walking c) walks d) are walking 2) I ... oranges and mangoes. a) love b) loves c) am loving d) is loving 3) Listen, your mother ... you. a) calls b) am calling c) is calling d) call 4) I usually ... milk for breakfast. a) has b) have c) am having d) is having 5) School always ... at 9 o'clock. a) is starting b) start c) are starting d) starts 6) Where's John? He ... in he park. a) plays b) play c) playing d) is playing 7) Sh! The baby ... . a) is sleeping b) sleeps c) are sleeping d) sleep 8) How often do you ... swimming? a) go b) goes c) going d) are going 9) Excuse me, ... you speak English? a) doing b) do c) does d) are doing 10) Children! ... you listening? a) Do b) Is c) Does d) Are 11) You can turn the TV off. We ... watching it. a) don't b) doesn't c) aren't d) isn't

Present Simple. Present Continuous. Topical Grammar

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