1) Daniel is like his father. He's very good at sports. a) Daniel has a similar behaviour or ability to his father. b) Daniel has got a similar physical appeareance to his father. c) Daniel wants to be as good as his father in the future. 2) She looks like her sister. Both have black curly hair and brown eyes. a) She enjoys going to the hairdresser's with her sister. b) She has got the same appearance as her sister. c) She has got the same attitude as her sister. 3) Lola would like to travel to France one day. a) Lola is in France now. b) Lola wants to be in France in the future. c) Lola loves everything about France. 4) "Would you like some tea?" he asked. a) He loves drinking tea and wants to share it. b) He has the ability to prepare an excellent tea. c) He is offering somebody a cup of tea. 5) I don't feel like going out tonight. I'm really tired. a) I hate going out, I want to be at home all day. b) I don't want to go out tonight, I prefer to be at home. c) I like going out, but tonight I want to be at home. 6) Tyra really likes dogs. She goes crazy when she sees one. a) Tyra has got a favourite dog. She loves it. b) Tyra loves spending time with her dog. c) Tyra loves dogs and she gets excited when she sees one. 7) My friend Lara likes playing the violin all day, she takes violin lessons every week. a) Lara enjoys playing the violin. b) Lara is obsessed with the violin, she doesn't do anything else. c) Lara is playing the violin now.




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