wish + simple past - You love singing but you can't do it very well., wish + past perfect - You've lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend and you regret it., wish + would - Your family always asks you if you have found a job., wish + infinitive - Your greatest dream is to become famous on Instagram., wish + sb + sth - Your young brother is feeling nervous because he's going to start high school., wish + simple past - You spend hours on the way to your job because you take the bus., wish + past perfect - Your wife is angry at you because you've forgotten your anniversary day., wish + would - Your parents are always worried about your brother because he's irresponsible., wish + infinitive - Your young sister dreams of working abroad., wish + sb + sth - Today is your father's first day at a new job., wish + past perfect - You've arrived too late at school and because of that you've missed your daughter's ballet presentation., wish + simple past - You don't spend enough time with your kids because you work too much.,

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