1) We had a lucky escape,but the snow blocked our way a) got away from a bad situation b) found a protected area c) got better 2) My family and I took shelter in a community center . a) fell down b) found a protected area c) fainted 3) A tree fell down on our car and it was badly damaged  a) better b) lost c) broken 4) My mum lost consciousness. a) fell down b) got better c) fainted 5) Some of the buildings collapsed. a) fainted b) fell down c) got hurt 6) The snow blocked our way. a) allowed us to continue b) didn't allow us to continue . c) didn't stop . 7) I fell and broke my leg but I recovered quickly. a) got worse b) got really bad c) got better 8) Last year there was a big flood in my city. a) water covering the streets b) snow covering the street c) mud covering the streets 9) The drought  that happened in Irece was terrible. a) wet period b) lack of  flood c) dry period

T5-Natural disasters vocabulary



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