1) Who do you think is ____ actress in your country? a) most beatiful b) the most beautiful c) beautifuler 2) What's the _____ computer game you've ever played? a) best b) the best c) the most good 3) What's the ______ festival in your country? a) most popular b) the most popular c) popularer 4) What's _______ film you've seen recently? a) the badest b) the worse c) the worst 5) What's ________ sport you've ever done? a) the most dangerous b) most dangerous c) the more dangerous 6) What's the _______ thing about studying English? a) the most difficult b) the most difficultest c) most difficult 7) What do you think is ________ way to get fit? a) easyest b) the easiest c) the easyest 8) Who's _____ sportsperson in your country? a) most famous b) more famous c) the most famous 9) What is/was the _____ subject at school? a) worst b) the worst c) the most worst 10) What's the _____ memory you have? a) the ealy b) earliest c) the most earliest 11) What's the ________ holiday you've ever had? a) the bestiest b) most exciting c) more exciting 12) What's the _______ concert you've ever been to? a) best b) the best c) most best 13) What's ______ gadget you've bought? a) latest b) the latest c) late 14) What's _______ sport on TV? a) boring b) the more boring c) the most boring 15) Who do you think is the ________ actor in your country? a) the most beautiful b) most good-looking c) more good-looking 16) What do you think was _______ decade for pop music? a) most interesting b) the most interesting c) the more interesting

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