1) When I (look) out of the window it (snow). a) looked | was snowing b) was looking | was snowing c) looked | snowed d) was looking | snowed 2) We (work) in the garden when we (find) some old money. a) worked | found b) were working | were finding c) worked | were finding d) were working | found 3) When I (make) the cake I (drop) the bowl. a) made | dropped b) was making | was dropping c) made | was dropping d) was making | dropped 4) When I (start) school we (live) in the old house. a) started | lived b) was starting | were living c) started | were living d) was starting | lived 5) I (see) you when I (wait) for the bus. a) saw | was waiting b) was seeing | was waiting c) saw | waited d) was seeing | waited

Past Simple VS Past Continuous (Oxford Grammar 3 p. 56 ex.13)




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