1) Money belt is the best way to avoid__________ too much money a) to carry b) carring 2) My mother enjoys ____________ in summer a) to travel b) travelling 3) I finish _________ the house a) to clean b) cleaning 4) My little brother always imagines ___________ on other planets a) to live b) living 5) I expect __________ this letter tomorrow a) to get b) getting 6) We decided __________ to Amsterdam last week a) to go b) going 7) I wanted __________ a doctor when I was a child a) to be b) being 8) I need _________now. It's late a) to go b) going 9) I chose ___________ my big suitcase this time a) to take b) taking 10) My boss hopes ___________ lots of contracts a) to get b) getting 11) I would like ___________ a cup of coffee, please a) to have b) having 12) Look at those clouds! It seems ____________ a) to rain b) raining

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