1) My mother loves to sing songs. (Find SUBJECT) a) loves b) songs  c) My mother 2) The black stapler is lost. (Find predicate) a) is lost b) black stapler  c) The black stapler 3) My grandma gave me a cookie. (Find object) a) me a cookie b) My grandma c) gave 4) My notebook is filled with stories that I wrote. (Find object of the verb FILLED) a) stories b) My notebook c) I 5) The eye doctor checked my vision. (Find SUBJECT) a) my vision b) doctor c) The eye doctor 6) A big spider spun a web in the corridor. (Find SUBJECT)  a) A big spider b) web in the corridor c) spun 7) My mother was upset because I broke her favourite vase. (Find VERB) a) upset, broke b) My mother  c) because  8) Meera and Shalu are going to have dinner at the restaurant. (Find SUBJECT) a) dinner b) Meera and Shalu c) the restaurant  9) My brother and my sister are studying in college. (Find SUBJECT) a) My brother and my sister b) My brother c) my sister 10) My dog, Buddy ,loves to chase his favourite red ball. (Find OBJECT) a) favourite red ball b) loves c) My dog , Buddy 11) A buzzing bee looked for nectar in the flower. (Find SUBJECT) a) A buzzing bee b) looked for nectar c) bee 12) The bank opened at noon. (Find VERB) a) bank b) The bank c) opened 13) The sun was shining brightly. (Find SUBJECT) a) The sun b) bright c) shining 14) The dogs were barking loudly. (Find PREDICATE) a) barking b) were barking loudly c) The dogs 15) Her friend was wearing a blue frock. (Find SUBJECT) a) Her friend b) friend c) was wearing a blue frock 16) My elder brother is in the army. (Find VERB) a) is b) My elder brother c) in 17) The tree was covered with flowers. (Find SUBJECT) a) covered b) The tree c) flowers  18) The fireflies danced all summer night. (Find SUBJECT) a) danced b) all summer night c) The fireflies

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