1) Put the verb in the correct tense: She _____ballet right now on the stage. (do) a) are doing b) does c) did d) is doing e) do 2) Which adjective can be used with all these nouns: museum, show, book, person a) friendly b) interesting c) cheap d) dangerous 3) Find among the irregular verbs those that haev the same 2 and 3 forms: cut, make, teach, sing, drive, come, buy, understand a) make, buy, understood b) sing, come, teach, make c) buy, understand, cut, make, teach d) drive, come, understand 4) What is the odd word: canteen, playground, hall, band, library, class a) canteen b) library c) hall d) band 5) Put the verb in the correct tense: Where______you ____last summer? a) do, go b) did, went c) did, go d) are, going 6) Which words can go with "some": sugar, milk, bar of chocolate, eggs, an apple, rice, banana a) sugar, milk, eggs, rice b) banana, sugar, bar of chocolate c) milk, eggs, sugar, bar of chocolate d) rice, milk, sugar 7) Find ONE suitable word for all these verbs: send____, read____, write____, make____. a) a song b) a text c) message d) a CD 8) Guess the job: this person can draw, he/she uses brushes and canvas. a) drawer b) actor c) singer d) artist 9) What is the antonym to the word "high"? a) cheap b) low c) safe d) friendly 10) Which sentence doesn't have a mistake: 1) Where did you lived in 2014? 2) Sarah is a best student in our class. 3) They play football yesterday. 4) There was nobody in there. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

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