BITTER - It's the opposite of sweet, YUMMY - An informal way of saying delicious, JUICY - The empanada salteña is famous for this characteristic, SMOOTH - Mousse has this texture, ROTTEN - The opposite of fresh food., LUNCH - It's the meal you usually eat at noon., DISH - Food prepared in a particular way, BAKE - To cook in the oven, for example, a cake, BOIL - To cook with water at 100°C, DAIRY - Type of food made with milk, FRUIT - Type of food that is grown and usually has a sweet flavour, KNIVES - We use them to cut the food, PROTEIN - We find it in meat, oats, eggs, soy., CALORIES - It is said that an average person has to get around 2000 of these a day, CUTLERY - The group of knives, forks, spoons,




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