1) This animal is not nocturnal a) bat b) lion c) snail d) owl e) koala f) cow 2) It sleeps in the morning and flies at night a) butterfly b) penguin c) owl d) eagle e) ladybug f) bee 3) This animal is nocturnal and eats leaves a) koala b) monkey c) sheep d) dog e) cow f) goat 4) This animal is also nocturnal and sleeps up side down a) goat b) hen c) rooster d) bat e) penguin f) eagle 5) This animal is nocturnal and it can't fly a) snake b) ladybug c) dog d) bat e) owl f) scorpion 6) They are not nocturnal and they can't fly a) bats b) owls c) snails d) sheeps e) butterflies f) birds 7) They sleep during the day and look for food at night a) foxes b) dogs c) sheeps d) cows e) horses f) pigs 8) They've got feathers and wings. They are not nocturnal. a) owls b) hens c) cows d) monkeys e) koalas f) scorpions

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