1) Where does the ethereal silver doe lead Harry? a) To a pool with the sword of Godric Gryffindor at the bottom b) To the newest location for Harry and Hermione's tent c) To Voldemort's final Horcrux d) To the sword of Godric Gryffindor, lying upon a crystal rock 2) Who destroys the Horcrux locket? a) The silver doe b) Ron c) Harry d) Dumbledore 3) Who rescues Harry from the rogue Horcrux? a) The silver doe b) Hermione c) Dumbledore d) Ron 4) The silver doe is actually... a) An Animagus b) A Patronus c) A ghost d) An enchantment 5) Where do Harry and Hermione move the tent? a) The Forbidden Forest b) The Burrow c) Hogwarts d) The Forest of Dean 6) How does the Snatcher's wand function for Harry? a) It backfires and injures Harry b) It works very well for Harry c) It doesn’t work very well for Harry d) It doesn’t work for Harry at all 7) What is significant about voicing Voldemort’s name? a) It shows the speaker's bravery b) It now proves the speaker to be a coward c) It places a curse upon the speaker d) It allows the speaker to be tracked 8) What is the Hermione’s reason for searching for a particular person? a) They are Voldemort’s closest minion b) They can be brought back from the dead c) They must know something about the strange symbol d) They are the editor of the Quibbler 9) What is the “Deathly Hallows”? a) The newest magical creature discovered b) The place where Voldemort has hidden the last horcrux c) The strange symbol they first saw at Bill's wedding d) The secret to bringing people back from the dead 10) Hermione shocks both Harry and Ron by requesting they find _______________ . a) Albus Dumbledore b) Bellatrix Lestrange c) Voldemort d) Xenophilius Lovegood




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