1) Is there ___________ cheese? a) any b) some 2) There are ________ rolls. a) any b) some 3) There aren´t ________ carrots. a) some b) any 4) Is there ________ lemonade? a) any b) some 5) There is ________ soup. a) some b) any 6) There is ___________ apple juice. a) any b) some 7) There aren't ______ books on the bookstore. a) some b) any 8) Do you have ______ idea for the baby shower? a) some b) any 9) There is ________ sugar in the bowl. a) some b) any 10) She has ________ pictures in New York. a) any b) some 11) There are __________ green apples in the basket. a) some b) any 12) There isn't _______ oil in this cake. a) any b) some

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