Describe Will Freeman., In which ways is John and Christine’s life different from Will’s life? , What did John and Christine ask Will? What did he say? Why?, Describe Marcus., What’s Marcus biggest problem? Why?, What happened on the first day of his new school?, Do you think that Marcus is weird?, Describe Angie. Where did they see for the first time? Why was Will surprised to go out with Angie?, How did Will react when he knew Angie had two small kids? , How did Will feel with Angie’s relationship? How long did they go out? Why did they finish going out?, How did he usually feel when he ended relationships with women? What happened that time with Angie? Why didn’t he feel awful that time?, What did Marcus do when his mum started to cry? Did she have money problems?, What problem did Marcus have at school?, Who were his friends? What were they interested in? Why did they stop being friends? , What did Will do to meet single mums like Angie? What did he pretend to be? , What was “SPAT”? Who did Will meet there?.

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