1) The cat was small and furry. a) small, furry b) was c) cat d) the e) cat, was f) furry 2) The cakes smelt delicious. a) the, smelt b) the c) the, cakes d) cakes e) delicious f) smelt 3) When I go for an interview I will dress smart and wear black, shiny shoes. a) when b) interview c) go d) dress e) smart, black, shiny f) wear 4) The lessons at College are fun and exciting. a) the b) lessons c) are, and d) fun, exciting e) College f) and 5) When I get my tattoo it will possibly be painful, but I think it will look good. a) painful, good b) tattoo c) when d) think e) look f) possibly 6) Next year, I will be doing Childcare. It might be hard but I am excited. a) doing b) hard, excited c) Childcare d) but e) next, year f) will 7) I love to take the dog for a walk, he is white and his name is Ghost. a) walk b) his c) dog d) white e) is f) he 8) I have painted my lounge, it is now red. a) have b) lounge c) red d) it e) is f) now 9) I am counting down to Christmas. It is a special time of year. a) am b) Christmas c) time d) of e) year f) special 10) Our LSAs are very helpful and supportive. a) and b) helpful, supportive c) Our d) are e) LSAs f) Our, LSAs

Which word or words are the describing words (adjective)?

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