She goes to the tennis club ____ she likes to play tennis ____ it keeps her healthy. He reads magazines about cars ____ not many books ____ they are much bigger I don't like jelly ____ of the texture ____ the taste. I would love to go to Lapland ____ I think it would be cold ____ it would be magical. When I am hungry I have a banana ____ I don't have something unhealthy ____ a biscuit. This weekend I am going for a meal ____ will get dressed up ____ I haven't been out for a meal in a long time. I like tea ____ coffee ____ love hot chocolate. I love teaching ____ meeting new students ____ I love helping people. I love a trip to the beach ____ the sand gets everywhere ____ it is worth it. I can't wait to get my new puppy ____ take him for walks ____ it will keep us both fit.

Conjunctions = linking words - see how they extend these sentences when you add them

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