1) Something that you buy at a very good price. a) discount b) sales c) bargain 2) A time when shops sell things cheaper. a) discount b) sales c) bargain 3) A big shop usually on several floors where you can buy all kinds of things a) shopping mall b) street market c) supermarket 4) Many people today shop ________ . a) by card b) in cash c) online 5) A piece of paper that shows you have paid for something.  a) recipe b) receipt c) card 6) A reduction in the price. a) bargain b) sales c) discount 7) A person who in charge of the shop. a) shop-assistant b) store detective c) manager 8) To stand in a line when you are waiting fo something. a) to queue b) to wait c) to achieve 9) A place where you can borrow books . a) bookshop b) bookmarket c) library 10) The shop where you can buy papers and magazines. a) staitioner's b) newsagent's c) shop window 11) "Can I help you?"- "No, thanks! I'm ______ looking ." a) yet b) over c) just 12) Money that is paid back to you if the thing you 've bought doesn't suit you. a) refund b) complaint c) bargain 13) A person who buys things in a shop. a) shopman b) shop- goer c) customer




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