1 - Where are some places you've been on vacation?, 2 - What are some uncommon (to your culture) kinds of food you've eaten?, 3 - How many times have you been to a theme park? Which ones have you been to?, 4 - What different countries have you traveled to?, 5 - What's something you've done that you're proud of?, 6 - What hobbies have you tried so far?, 7 - Have you ever tried doing "wild" things (e.g. bungee jumping)? What have you done? How was it?, 8 - What's something you've started but haven't finished yet?, 9 - What international cuisine have you tried? , 10 - Have you ever broken any bones/been in an accident? What happened?, 11 - What are some interesting places you've visited in your country?, 12 - Have you ever been camping? Where have you camped?, 13 - Have you ever gone fishing? Did you catch anything?, 14 - Who's the most known/famous person you've ever met?, 15 - What's a project you've been working on for a while?, 16 - Have you been eating healthy or unhealthy food recently?, 17 - What have you been doing to improve yourself this year?, 18 - What music have you been listening to lately?, 19 - Who have you been talking to and/or hanging out with a lot in the past couple of months?, 20 - Where have you been going?, 21 - How long have you been attending this ___ ?, 22 - Have you been exercising at all?, 23 - What have you been doing in your spare time?, 24 - Have you been following anything?, 25 - Have you been trying anything new lately?, 26 - Have you been getting enough sleep/rest the last few days?, 27 - What have you been thinking about doing/buying?,



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