What court case decided that the lack of supplemental language instruction in public school for students with limited English proficiency violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964?, Is a pull out program model for EBs subtractive or additive?, Is dual immersion or two way immersion program model subtractive or additive? , Translanguaging is something we should encourage in our classrooms. True or False?, Assessing students in their home language is wrong. True or False?, Language Use Surveys (also called Home Language Surveys) help identify EBs when they enter school. True or False?, An EB can go through a silent period. True or False? , What does CRT stand for?, What does EB stand for? , Students from both language groups in DI/TWI outperform students in transitional and developmental bilingual education and score above the 50th percentile on standardized tests. True or False? True or False? .



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