1) They stopped ... when the teacher came in. a) to talk b) talking 2) I saw my friend in town and stopped ... to him. a) to talk b) talking 3) Please remember ... the door. a) locking b) to lock 4) I won't forget ... you. a) meeting b) to meet 5) I tried ... up early, but I couldn't. a) to get b) getting 6) John decided ... the bus. a) taking b) to take 7) Tom agreed ... us outside the cinema. a) to meet b) meeting 8) You're always late! Why don't you try ... up early? a) getting b) to get 9) Peter denied ... the money. a) stealing b) to steal 10) I don't mind ... you do the washing-up. a) to help b) helping 11) I dislike ... to get up early. a) to have b) having 12) I remember ... very tired at the end of the race. a) to feel b) feeling 13) Halfway through the marathon, he stopped ... some water. a) to drink b) drinking 14) Matt suggested ... a football match after school. a) playing b) to play 15) The doctor recommended ... a specialist. a) seeing b) to see 16) I begged him ... me. a) to help b) helping 17) We regret ... you that the race had been cancelled. a) informing b) to inform 18) We're considering ... a new car. a) buying b) to buy 19) My aunt offered ... me a lift home a) to give b) giving 20) Paul promised ... dinner tonight a) cooking b) to cook

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