Anitta is more famous than Luisa Sonza, Is Neymar better than Messi, Is South America bigger than North America, What s the most famous YouTube channel, Is coxinha more delicious than bolinha de queijo, Are Harry Potter books more interesting than the movies, Americana is not bigger than Santa Bárbara, Pop music is more exciting than rock music, Ariana Grande is younger than Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth is older than Silvio Santos, Netflix is more popular than Amazon., Eiffel tower is smaller than the Empire State Building., Sending voice messages is faster than typing., Winter nights are darker than summer nights., Jim is older than Huck Finn., English is easier than Spanish., Is soccer more popular than basketball in the USA? , Bill Gates is the most intelligent man., The most expensive car is a Bugatti., Brazil is the most amazing country.,

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