1) Yesterday, I .... to school. a) go b) going c) went 2) Las Sunday , I.... a hamburger. a) eat b) ate c) eatn 3) On my last vacation, I .... a dinosaur. a) see b) seeing c) saw 4) Yesterday, we ...... Science. a) studied b) study c) studying 5) Last Saturday, my dad ..... TV until 3a.m.. a) watch b) watched c) watchin 6) Yesterday, the boys ..... soccer. a) played b) play c) playing 7) Last weekend, I ...... go to the cinema. a) not b) don't c) didn't 8) Yesterday, my mom .... a new blouse at the mall. a) buy b) buying c) bought 9) Last Tuesday, my sister..... piano at school. a) play b) plays c) played 10) Yesterday, I ..... a sore throat, so I stayed in bed and didn't go to school. a) had b) have c) has

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