Boadcast - A television or radio programme, Breaking news - information that is being received and broadcast about an event that has just happened or just begun, Article - a piece of writing in a magazine or newspaper, Supplement - a part of a magazine or newspaper, either produced separately or as part of the magazine or newspaper, Tweet - a short remark or piece of information published on Twitter, Movie reviews - a piece of writing in a newspaper that gives an opinion about a new movie., Editorial - an article in a newspaper expressing the editor’s opinion, Section - one of the parts that something is divided into, Censor - to examine books, movies, etc. and remove parts of them that are offensive or not allowed by rules, Headline - the title of a newspaper story that is printed in large letters above it, Column - one of the blocks of print into which a page of a newspaper, magazine, or dictionary is divided, Weather forecast - a description of what the weather will be like for the next few hours, days, etc, Viewer - someone who watches a television programme, Highlights - the best or most important part of something, Post - to leave a message on a website, Reader - someone who reads, Hyperlink - a connection that allows you to move easily between two computer documents or two pages on the internet, Live (adj.) - A live performance is done with people watching or listening.,

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