I _______ (work) at Achieve from Monday to Saturday., We ____________ (work) at the moment, can you call later?, My students ________ (study) English on Monday and Tuesday., My students ________ (study) English now. , I _________ (read) a really good book, when I finish it I'll lend it to you. , Sara _________ books on her free time. , Bianca ________ (go for a walk) in the morning and in the afternoon. , Bianca ________ (not/walk) now. , In the classroom, Paloma _______ (sit) next to her best friend., We _________ (sit) on chairs now. , My parents usually __________ (watch) soap opera in the afternoon. , My parents __________ (watch) the news in the livig room. , The teacher _________ (write) her classes's plans on a notebook. , The teacher _________ (not/write) right now. , We ______ (not / use) tablets in class. , We ______ (not / use) cellphones today. , The teacher _________ (drink) a lot of water., The teacher ________ (not/drink) soda anymore., The theacer _______ (drink) water now. , Paloma ________ (wear) a necklace. , Thiago ________ (visit) his aunt in São Paulo. , We ________ (visit) relatives on the weekend. , Some people ________ (go) to school in the afternoon. , Paloma ________ (not/play) any sports. .

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