Hello, welcome to Miami Beach Hotel. - Good morning. I'd like to check-in., Do you have a reservation? - Sure! I have a reservation under the name of Mrs. Green., What type of room would you prefer? - I'd like a double room., How long will you be staying? - I'll be staying for 7 nights., Yes. It's possible. Your room number is 2037. Here is your key. - Could I have a room with an ocean view?, Certainly, madam. There is a lovely room with a bath. - Do you have a room with a bath?, Your room is on the 2d floor. - Where is my room?, There are 2 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor). - Is there a swimming pool?, Breakfast is served from 7 am to 10 am. - When is breakfast served?, Sorry, but lunch isn't included. It costs 20$. - Is lunch included?, Do you need help with your luggage? - No, thank you. What time is check-out?, Could I have your ID and credit card, please? - Here you are. ,

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