1) Lesson 5A - Describe what you're wearing today. 2) Lesson 5A - Name 5 items of clothing. 3) Lesson 5C - Name three hobbies with the word play. 4) Lesson 5C - List three things you can do well. 5) Lesson 5C - Say three sentences about things you can't do at college or work. 6) Lesson 5D - List three phrases for shopping for clothes. 7) Lesson 6A - Name five rooms in a house. 8) Lesson 6A - Say four sentences about your home, with there's, there isn't, there are, there aren't. 9) Lesson 6B - List four pairs of opposite adjectives. 10) Lesson 6C - Name four adjectives to describe cities. 11) Lesson 6C - Say a sentence with quite or really.  12) Lesson 6D - Say three sentences to describe your city.

AD3 - Review & Practice - Units 5&6

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